Electricity Forecasting – the Power of R in a Spreadsheet

Published on 10th June 2015 by duke
So maybe your working within a utility and you need to make a forecast electricity demand so that you can work out the supply stack to meet that demand. Your familiar with at least one of R, Python or Matlab, but you need to take your electricity forecasts into account as part of some other… View Article
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How to Deploy a Model in R

Published on 29th May 2015 by duke
So you’ve spent a big 70% of your time munging the data together, another 10% of the time cleaning / normalising / transforming data, another 10% of the time finding the best set of features and the remaining 10% ensuring that it works well on the test set. So after all that, you still have… View Article
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Duke Analytics Mission

Published on by duke
We are a new company specialising in the area of visualisation, predictive analytics and data-mining and we are on a mission! Mission Statement: Provide tools and services to start-ups and small-medium enterprises to bring visibility, insights and modelling capability to allow data aided decision making with modern open source tools and cloud infrastructure.
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