Data Pipeline

Cloud Services

Amazon Redshift & Google Big Query

its possible to store and query large volumes of data by leveraging cloud services such as Amazon Redshift and Google Big Query. Our consultants are experienced in the setup and usage of both and can setup processes around your data to leverage the power of both. Query large volumes of data in seconds without the overhead of setup/maintenace/admin and spend time focusing on more value add.


If your data is on a grand scale and you require distributed storage and aggregation, then let us help you get this workhorse on your side. We can setup full workflows using Amazon Elastic Map-Reduce or setup a hadoop cluster in-house.



More and more data is being transferred in an unstructured format. To store this kind of data an adaptable scalable and system is required. Our experience with the above technologies makes us confident that we can store and query any kind of data that you have and make it work for your business.